Spring/summer make up – the I’m not wearing any make up look.

I know that half of you will probably not be interested in what I’m going to write about today… Because it’s for girls!
BUT maybe some of you guys might be curious about what we do in the dressing room…
I just want to share my new make up regimen for the spring /summer. It’s a clean, natural look which doesn’t compromise on the protection.
I was inspired to come up with this look because of my recent trip to Boracay. I got a nice healthy tan which I want to show off, not hide. I’m glad I used plenty of sunscreen on my face there, so I didn’t peel much and my colour is even, which helps create the effect of having a clear, glowing complexion. If you’re not interested in a play by play, here’s the long and short of it :TLDR
Make up base : Stila one step correcteur
Tinted Moisturiser : Laura Mercier original SPF 20 in Porcelain
Powder : Stila brightening powder
Concealer : Za perfect fit 01
Highlighter : YSL Radiant Touch
Mascara : Chanel INIMITABLE
Pencil Eye liner : Prestige total Intensity (Black)
Liquid Eye liner : Maybeline Hypersharp
Blush : Averine (I use the 3 colour compact, the darkest colour lets me define and the lightest goes nicely on the apples of my cheeks)

Stila one step correcteur.
Skin tone correcting and brightening serum


So.  After cleansing, exfoliating, toning, hydrating (I don’t put cream moisturisers because they tend to clog my pores. I was also advised that my skin lacks ‘water’ not oil), I swipe on a make up base.
I normally choose one of two that I like – shu uemura’s uv base which is tinted and has spf, or stila’s.
I’ve been favoring stila’s recently because I feel that it’s lighter on my skin, I think it’s water based, and it lacks the spf which generally makes makeup feel thicker.

Over this I apply Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturiser with spf 20. I use the original in porcelain. Since this tinted moisturiser already has spf, it’s another reason why I chose stila’s base. I’ve tried the oil free version and it goes on a little cakey on me, probably because I have somewhat dry skin. I’m aiming for the dewy effect anyway, so a little extra shine doesn’t bother me. Applying it this way seems pretty pore friendly so far, I tend to think it’s because of the base I chose which creates a barrier between the moisturiser and my skin.

The coverage from this isn’t much, but it seems to bring out a really nice glow. If you need to hide some redness or black eye rings, you can try the concealer from Za, or Yves Saint Laurent’s fond de teint.

Za perfect fit concealer in no. 01
the new packaging is pink. I also have the one in older packaging which is dark blue.
the much raved about Touche Eclat Radiant Touch highlighter by Yves Saint Laurent.

When I’m pleased with the colour, I put some translucent powder on. Currently I’m using stila, because it goes on sheer-er than my shu uemura’s translucent powder does. Go easy on the powder, it’s not meant to provide coverage, but just to set and even out a little, and provide some mattifying texture. (I say texture because products with spf tend to feel a little tacky to me, which I don’t like. So the powder takes away some or most of that feel.)

stila compact. There’s a mirror on the underside of the cap
Like the make up base, the powder has pink, blue and green in it to brighten the complexion.

I follow with some light blush or shimmery bronzer on the apples of my cheeks, depending on whether I want to look sun kissed or sun pinked.

For eyes, I’ve always favoured a dramatic, dark lined goth look, but since it’s spring and everything is gentle and in pastel hues, I’ve lightened up a little. Literally.
Curl your lashes, if you need to. I normally don’t because I have super curly lashes, and small eyes that don’t fit very well into curlers. Add about 4 coats of mascara. I’m using Chanel’s.
Coat the lower lashes as well.

This might be out of production already, but I use INIMITABLE, the waterproof one, without lengthening.

I might have decided to lighten up, but I can’t do without my eyeliner yet. I tried this look with no eyeliner and i feel that it looks a little too bare. Even if you have thick lashes, I do suggest lining the lower lid on the inner eye corners for some definition.
For myself, I line very closely to the upper lashes and i end the line on the outer corner where my lashes end. I don’t extend it up or out and I don’t thicken the line. For the bottom, I line from the inner eye to the outer side of my iris, practically drawing on my lashes. I don’t line the waterline.
I’m currently using prestige black waterproof pencil eyeliner and maybeline’s hypersharp liquid liner for this.

Prestige total intensity pencil liner
I also use the YSL waterproof pencil liner which I find creamier and softer to apply, but I feel that this one has better staying power on the lower lash line.
Maybeline’s hypersharp liner

You can tidy up your brows a little, but I don’t color mine in because I want to avoid harsh colors and lines.

I find that some people might need to blot their oily zones a little after wearing this for a few hours, but since I’m trying to get the dewy look, and I’m not a very oily person, it lasts me the day fine.
I like this look because it makes me look like I’m not wearing any make up at all. It’s quite different from my normal defined eyes and cheekbones preference. It goes well with a cute frock or a bright top, enhancing it all without fighting for attention with your outfit.

LG Optimus G Review – 3 Software Features I Love


This function allows you to power up or down the cores, depending on what you’re doing.
I like to keep this on eco mode, which means that the phone automatically controls the cores.
This also helps with the battery life, since I’m not running on high performance mode all the time.

Quad Core control can be accessed through system settings > device > quad core control
Alternatively, you can just pull down the menu and toggle the Eco mode on or off.

This is an innovative feature which allows you to scribble on the screen.
you can access it by simultaneously pressing the middle of the volume up and volume down buttons on the top left and the screen lock button. After scribbling on the screen, you can choose to save your doodle, or screenshot it.
Other than being useful when you have no pen and paper and need to jot something down (like perhaps when you’re in a call and need to record a phone number) you can also have fun scribbling on photos. Sadly, I’m not very artistic, so I’m not going to dare to post any screenshots of drawings I did.

if you find the shortcut key too difficult to press, there’s always the Quick Memo toggle on and off button in the pull down menu
This is how the QuickMemo menu looks like, and there’s my horrible pink scrawl across the screen.


This function is my favourite of all, and it’s convenient for everything, not just self shots. I like to use it to take shots from weird angles (ie, some crevice inside my CPU when I can’t aim my finger on the shutter button)
However, it does mean that your cheeky friends can randomly shout one of these words to make the shutter snap!
The voice detection is surprisingly good too!
The rear camera is a nice 13 megapixels btw…

the selection of words you can say to set off the shutter. I use “Cheese” the most…

LG Optimus G Review – Hardware USPs

Left top : first look at the LG Optimus G in the box
Left middle : the accessories which come with the phone – QuadBeat earphone, charger
Left bottom : me with the phone!

Right top : the shiny clear back of the phone, with the slightly raised camera. you can also gauge the size of the phone in comparison with me hand/face
Right middle : LG’s QuadBeat earphone valued at 18,000KRW, performance is said to be equivalent to earphones priced at 100,000-200,000 KRW.
Right bottom : the Crystal Reflection Finish of the back, topped with gorrila glass

Phone Specifications :
*True HD IPS Plus Display, 1.6 times clearer than AMOLED, using less power too
*320ppi + Stripe RGB IPS Panel gives colour accuracy with no distortion for natural and lifelike images
*1280×768 / 4.7 WXGA (15:9)
*2100mAh battery with 800 charging cycles
*Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Quad-Core with LTE capabilities
*1.5Ghz Qualcomm Krait
*32GB internal memory
*Camera 13 megapix (back), 1.3megapix (front)
*131.9×68.9×8.45mm, 145g
*Andriod 4.1.2 (JellyBean)

THREE hardware USPs, and what they mean, practically, to the user (ie. me!)
1. Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 / 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Krait
– I love this, because it allows me to powerdown or power up the cores independantly. I’m a control freak, so allowing me the capability to decide whether I want to power up all cores at the expense of battery life, or power down some cores when my battery is low is great.
– It’s also super fast and provides me with performance comparable to a PC. I haven’t experienced any lag at all when using the phone. I tend to put on many many apps at once; typically skype, whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, browser, google maps, gmail, crunchyroll… and the performance and switching between the apps is flawless.

2. True HD IPS Plus Display, Stripe RGB IPS Panel, Zerogap Touch
– I’d like to talk a little about the Zerogap Touch. The ITP sensor film is directly printed on the cover glass, which is different from other phones where there is an air gap between the ITO film sensor and cover glass. I don’t know about you, but I have somewhat clumsy fingers, and I generally dislike touchscreen typing. However the Zerogap Touch is really surprisingly responsive, and it give me very very sharp images, with no diffused reflection.
– When I watch videos on my other devices, the colours, expecially black always seem a little pixelated and greenish. I don’t encounter this watching the same videos, with the LG Optimus G, which is very pleasant.

3. 2100 mAh battery with 800 charging cycles
– I can’t really say I’m fond of having an internal battery which cannot be swopped out, but the 800 charging cycles (usually its only 500 cycles) does make up for it. The battery does last me one whole day, with heavy use, but I’d still bring my portable charger out with me in case.


Unboxing my DELL ST 2429L monitor, Photos taken with my LG Optimus G

I’ve been playing a lot using my laptop and even though its a 17 inch Alienware laptop, I’ve been finding the monitor too small. Not that 17 inches is SMALL, but because I put my SteelSeries 6GV2 infront of it, so the screen is super far away.
SO, I decided to hook it up to the DELL 24 inch LED monitor and use the laptop to power everything and as a second screen
Here’s the set up process! It was really painless and idiot proof and would have been dome in 2 minutes if I hadn’t been so obsessed with taking photos of it with my new LG Optimus G.
Still in the box, you can see my Alienware m17x peeking over from the back.
peeking at me tantalisingly after i slit open the top of the box.
Well padded in recyclable material so there was no damage to the monitor after I towed it home unceremoniously klonking it against random objects.
The stuff that comes with the monitor.
From left to right – DVI (white) cable, round monitor base, neck stand (for the lack of knowing what to call this part) that has to be fastened to the round base.
The monitor arrives attached to the blue VGA cable, which I ended up using because my Alienware doesn’t have a DVI port and I don’t have a HDMI cable on hand. The monitor DOES have a HDMI port, and I presume this would be the preferred port to use. Unfortunately the monitor doesn’t come with a HDMI cable.
For more information on the DVI and VGA cables, read this http://www.dell.com/support/troubleshooting/us/en/04/KCS/KcsArticles/ArticleView?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&docid=DSN_E5A47058AF97BCD7E0301E0A55175EA8
Screwing the neck onto the round base was probably the most complicated step, and even that was very easily accomplished. The screw is fixed into the base, and you need to fit the neck on nicely and just make sure the screw is straight.
Then it’s a simple matter of fastening the neck onto the screen.
That’s how it looks after it’s been fastened on from the back. Nice and neat.
The monitor from the front with all the sticky plastic still on.
I removed every single bit of that, btw, except for the bit covering the round base. I find it easier to clean dust off the base that way.
My completed set up! This shows the same display on both screens, but I later switched it to extended display mode so that I can use the whole screen. (My laptop is 1920×1200, but the monitor is 1920×1080.)
In case you don’t know how, read this http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100530222739AAknopd
or you can leave me a comment and I’ll try to help.

MyRepublic IT SHOW 2013 PROMO

IT show 2013 is coming up… and as usual, there are going to be tons of deals available. 
Can’t speak for the rest of the brands there, but here’s the info on MyRepublic’s promos!
Also, if you DO sign up, quote this customer code C1006234 to get a $38.88 credit to your account.
Promo PURE
Set-up fee
Default Router
Monthly $
Contract term
Pure $38.88
Asus N15U
24 months
100% Satisf. gty
Pure Home Passed
Asus N15U
24 months
Up to $235.40 off from TP install
Pure 12 mth promo
Asus N15U
12 months
Pure No Contract
Asus N15U
1 month
No Contract
Pure Ipad Mini bundle
Asus N15U
24 months
Free Ipad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB
Set-up fee
Default Router
Monthly $
Contract term
Pure HD $48.88
Asus N56U
24 months
100% Satisf. gty
Pure HD         Home Passed
Asus N56U
24 months
Up to $235.40 off from TP install
Pure HD 12 mth promo
Asus N56U
12 months
Set-up fee
Default Router
Monthly $
Contract term
Gamer $53.88
Asus N56U
24 months
100% Satisf. gty
Gamer             Home Passed
Asus N56U
24 months
Up to $235.40 off from TP install
Gamer 12 mth promo
Asus N56U
12 months
Gamer Alienware M14x bundle
Asus N56U
24 months
Free Alienware M14x laptop
Ipad Mini ($100 deposit) & Gamer M14x ($250 deposit) bundles only available via online, IT Show & MyRepublic and Iknow stores
Can top-up to upgrade router as per SAF table:
For new customers who sign up to specific two-year contract promos, they can walk away if not happy!
One may terminate the service within 60 days of sign-up with a 30 days notice period.  If contract is cancelled within that initial period, a termination fee of $48.15 applies and the wireless gateway must be returned to MyRepublic at customer’s cost.
RECONTRACTS (contract ends before end April 2013)
Get any new promo (except Home Passed) that will start now (when processed) or after current contract finishes (before end April 2013)
·         Don’t need to pay set-up fee in which case do not get free router
·         If recontract to 2 year promo, can pay the set-up fee and get associated promo free router
For customers under Pure contract who want to upgrade to Pure HD – NOT APPLICABLE FOR ANYONE ON A CONTRACT WITH A PURE BUNDLE
·         Upgrade to Pure HD $48.88 promo with new contract starting now (when processed)
·         Don’t need to pay set-up fee => do not get free router
·         If want router, need to buy via router order form as per standard for existing customers


Qn: Is Friend Referral applicable through any platforms?
Ans: Friend referral is strictly only applicable via ONLINE with sign-ups at our MyRepublic order online portal. When you refer a friend both you and your friend will enjoy $38.88 worth of credit off your next payment for your plan.
Qn: Is there a deposit for the iPad/Alienware bundles?
Ans: A deposit for the iPad bundle is $100 while deposit for Alienware bundle is $250 which can be paid via Credit Card ONLY as the only payment method accepted for those bundles is credit card. (If there are any problems with the transaction, our customer service personnel will contact you)
Qn: How do I redeem my iPad/Alienware laptop?
Ans: Redemption for items is only available after installation when you will receive the Redemption letter; please follow the instructions given in the letter closely in order to redeem your products. Location for redemption will be at 109 North bridge road, #04-23 Funan Digital Mall.
Qn: I’m existing customer that is not on contract, I would like to take up the iPad Mini Bundle, do I need to pay the installation fee?
Ans: No. Existing customers that are not on contract do no need to pay the installation fee $128.40, do take note that router will not be provided in this case.
Qn: I’m on a PURE No Contract plan or my contract has just finished, can I re-contract to PURE HD or other MyRepublic Plan Promotions?
Ans: Since you’re on a PURE No Contract plan or your contract has finished, you can re-contract to any MyRepublic Plan Promotion.
o   If you sign to a 2 year contract promotion, you may pay the installation fee in order to receive the free router associated with that promo.
o   In other words, you do not need to pay the installation fee if you do not need the router.

Download the recontract application form https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/promotions/recontract.php and submit it to myorder@myrepublic.com.sg

Qn: My PURE/GAMER MyRepublic is about to end, can I re-contract to any MyRepublic Promotion Plans?
Ans: If your contract has more than 2 months before expiry, you are not eligible for re-contracts.
If your current contract term is has less than 2 months before expiry, you may benefit from our re-contract offers.You are applicable to sign up for any new promotion plans (except Home Passed promos which do not apply anyway since you already have fibre in your home!).
o   If you sign to a 2 year contract promotion, you may pay the installation fee in order to receive the free router associated with that promo.
o   In other words, you do not need to pay the installation fee if you do not need the router.

Download the recontract application form https://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/promotions/recontract.php and submit it to myorder@myrepublic.com.sg

Qn: Does GAMER and PURE HD have No Contract plans?
Ans: No, only the PURE plan is available with No Contract terms.
Qn: Is there any setup and installation fee for all the plans?
Ans: Set up and installation fees are applicable as specified in each promotion specific T&Cs, notably for promotion plans ($38.88/$48.88/$53.88), bundles and no contract plans, UNLESS you are re-contracting or upgrading.
Qn: I’m currently on a contract with MyRepublic, can I apply for the We Are One – PURE HD Promotion?
Ans: Existing customers who are on PURE contracts (except for bundles and Home Passed promotions) are eligible for the Pure HD upgrade launch promotion. Current contract will be extended, 2 years from the day it has successfully processed.
Qn: I’m currently on a contract with MyRepublic, can I apply for the new PURE Promotion ($38.88/mth)?
Ans: No. Existing customer can upgrade to PURE HD. But not re-contract to promotion PURE plan.
Qn: I is possible for me to sign up for the IT show promotion plan at any MyRepublic shops?
Ans: Yes you may do so at the MyRepublic Store @ AMK B1 and/or any authorized dealers.
But the iPad Mini and Alienware bundle is available only at IT Show/Online/iKnow dealer/MyRepublic Store @ AMK B1.
Qn: What is Bundles and Home Pass promotions?
Ans: Bundle promo refers to the Laptop/Tablet/Freebie bundled promotions. Home Pass promo refers to the TP Installation Waiver bundle, the one MyRepublic absorbed $235.40 for installation to OpenNet.
Qn: Does the 100% Satisfaction Guaranty apply to ALL plans?
Ans: 100% Satisfaction Guaranty Special is only applicable for specific 2 year contract promotions and does NOT apply when you upgrade from PURE to PURE HD.
Qn: How much is it if I want to upgrade the Router?
Ans: If your Plan’s Default Router is N15U, top up $80 for N56U, $150 for N66U, $220 for AC66U.
If your Plan’s Default Router is N56U, top up $99 for N66U, $179 for AC66U.
Qn: What router should I choose?
Ans: Please refer to our router guide athttps://secure.myrepublic.com.sg/choose-your-router.php
Qn: I want to sign up for Teleport Beta?
Qn: Is the 100% Satisfaction Guaranty applicable throughout the contract term?
Ans: 100% Satisfaction Guaranty: One may terminate the service within 60 days of sign-up with a 30 days notice period. If contract is cancelled within the stated initial period, a termination fee of $48.15 applies and the wireless gateway must be returned to MyRepublic at customer’s cost.
IT Show 2013 Promos
(2 months before contract expires)
(Pure > Pure HD)
(More then 2 months before contract expires)
-Get any new promo (Except Home Passed)
-Starts when processed or after current contract ends
-No need to pay set up fee (Free router excluded)
-If recontract to 2 years promo, can pay the set-up fee and receive the free router related to the promo
-Only for existing Pure customers. (Not including bundles and home pass bundles.)
-Upgrade to Pure HD $48.88 Promo, new contract starts immediately when processed (No need to wait for old Pure contract to end)
-No set up fee (Promo routers not included)
-Routers will have to be purchased via order form (As per existing customers)
-N56U $149, N66U $219, AC66U $299
-100% Satisfaction Guaranty special not included for upgrade.