Japan, after 2 years


14-18 : Tokyo
Eat all the stuff
Buy all the stuff
Meet all the friends

18-20 : Narai-juku
Photos, hiking, hot baths

20-22 : Tsumago-juku & Magome-juku
More photos, hiking and hot baths

22-23 : Takayama and Shirakawago
Hida beef, morning market

23-25 : Kanazawa
Wet market and fresh seafood
Machiya stay

25-30 : Kyoto, day trip to Takeda Castle Ruins
Day trip to the IRL Laputa Castle in the Sky
All the touristy spots in Kyoto
Night walks and photos
Morning jogs along the river

30-1 : Osaka + USJ
Kuromon market
USJ and Harry Potter
Food, last min shopping

the Gassho Zukuri we stayed at in Ainokura


HOTELS                                                                                           COST

Tokyo – Tokyu Stay Shibuya                                                               SGD$551.10 (divided by 2)
Narai-juku – Minshuku Shimada                                                      JPY 126,000 (divided by 6)
Tsumago-juku – Fujioto Ryokan                                                       JPY 162,000 (divided by 6)
Takayama – Sumiyoshi Ryokan                                                        JPY 49,368 (divided by 6)
Kanzawa – “Kurohoro” Private Machiya Holiday House            JPY 114,000 + 10,356 + 3,000 (divided by 6)
Kyoto – Kyoto Granbell Hotel                                                           SGD$427.37 (divided by 2)
Osaka – Hotel THE FLAG Shinsaibashi                                          ?


Yoshida Kaban – Porter
Kayanoya dashi
Traveller’s Notebook
Lion cooling feet pasties
Eye warming mask
2nd hand and new camera lenses

Ninenzaka <3

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