[Closes 26th July 2013] AMD A10-6800K Processor Giveaway!

Everyone loves giveaways, so I’d just like to let everyone know whenever there’s a giveaway happening!
DOTATALK is organising it, so if you have any queries, direct it to them! Seems pretty easy, and I’m quite sure you’ll all have lots to say about your favourite DotA 2 Hero. GLHF!!

the AMD A10-6800K. click to read a review!

Contest Rules:
Step 1: LIKE us on Facebook (DotaTalk & AMD Gaming)
Step 2: Introduce your friends to this giveaway by SHARINGit.

Step 3: Which DOTA 2 hero you love/play the most? (Leave your answer as a comment at this link : http://www.dotatalk.com/forum/threads/amd-processor-giveaway-event.3653/ )

Only one submission is allowed, but you can edit your post anytime.

[Event] Pokemon Card Giveaway – Results!

I decided that since there were too many posts tied at one vote, and it would be impossible for me to choose which ones to giveaway, I would cut down the number of individual card giveaways to those with more than 1 vote.
Even Eliza “MsJovial” Ong won one!
Could all the winners please contact me via facebook message on my fanpage with your address? If you’d prefer to collect it (only applicable for Singaporeans) please let me know too! I’ll try to organise one day for a meet up so that everyone can get it at the same time.

 Winners of the individual cards :

Winners of the 7 full sets :
1. Sia Choon Hong

2. Howard See

3. Halim Hadi

4.Vincent Valentine

5. Muhammad Jay

6. Tan Zhen Sheng

7. Frederick Benjamin Ann


My next giveaway will be of signed posters of Kunkka’s and Artgerm’s DotA2 work.
Signed by the Artist, not by me!!
Here’s a picture of them all, I’ve grown attached to some of them… so I haven’t decided which and how many I will giveaway.

the whole collection. Kunkka’s work on top, cm, lina, drow, wr below done by Artgerm
Artgerm’s autograph on the CM
Artgerm’s autograph on the lina
Kunkka’s autograph on the DotA loadscreen artwork
Kunkka and I at License2Play

[Event] Pokemon Card Giveaway

These are what I refer to Pokemon Cards, I hope no one thought I meant anything else!
I have 6 different cards, and 9 of each.
Each card that I send out will be autographed with a personalized message.
1st-7th prize : 1 set of 6 pokemon cards each (meaning one full set!)
8th – 19th : 1 pokemon card each
You can win these by leaving a comment on my status here, and getting people to like your comment.
The comments with the highest number of votes will win!
Currently leading the pack with 150 likes is Sia Choon Hong, one of the most loyal supporters of PMS Asterisk* =D
I have decided to extend this til saturday 15 Dec 2012 2359 +8GMT.