[FB10K GIVEAWAY!!] SteelSeries Siberia v2 Heat Orange Limited Edition

Thank you everyone who has liked my facebook page! For those of you who haven’t, it’s not too late!! Just pop by and hit one button =) https://www.facebook.com/pmsfurryfish

Anyhow, the first giveaway/event is sponsored by SteelSeries, and it’s the limited edition Heat Orange Siberia v2.

It’s worth over SGD$200!!

ANYWAY, on to the part which you all are undoubtedly most interested in : HOW DO I WIN THIS??

1. Like my page https://www.facebook.com/pmsfurryfish
2. Like SteelSeries Singapore’s page https://www.facebook.com/SteelSeriesSG?fref=ts
3. Comment on this post and tell me WHICH FEATURE OF THIS HEADSET YOU LIKE THE BEST AND WHY. (Click on the picture of the headset to find out more about it!)

Closing Date : 15th November 2359 +8GMT
How the winner will be chosen : A SteelSeries representative will be invited to pick the comment he likes the best! So, be creative (BUT STICK TO THE FACTS)!!


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  1. Well, I never tested a Steelseries Siberia headset but as far as I know, The sound quality’s good.
    The design’s nice, original, smooth and classy, I really want one. Sooooo can I have thissssss? :)))
    Pleaseee pick me Furryfish/Steelseries representative, I’ll marry you someday if we meet.(I’d go gay for you if you pick me) LOL. β™₯

  2. I like this headset with he feature of noise-cancelling microphone because we as a gamer need to use skype to communicate with each other to make an incredible teamwork even though win or lose. if i got this headset it will bring me to the next level or communicate with teammate to bring the game on. Just like every professional gamer they did using headset always to gaming to make them more concentrate in game and play like they are inside the game.

  3. The retractable mic because it makes the headset so much neater plus the mic quality is superb.

    The answer is “ALL FEATURE”
    But The best is “Programmable Heat Orange illumination: on/off, pulsation, intensity and trigger-modes”
    Cause I Love Gaming Equipment with Many Colours, like keyboard, mouse, and I didn’t have Headset and Mouse, need long time to But it >.<

  5. Built Quality , Comfortable, Sexy Looking , Good Audio Quaility , Those HEAT ORANGE LIGHTS! and its SteelSeries!

  6. I really like the design of the headset, i know that it’s really comfortable. I really like the retractable mic, because when u are not using it, it won’t get in the way.

  7. i like the SteelSeries Siberia v2 Heat Orange Limited Edition because its beautiful like tammy the furryfish!!

  8. The best thing about the steelseries siberia v/2 is the sound quality the best and the light outside the headset.

  9. I like the fact that it is a SteelSeries Siberia headset, what’s cool about it? you don’t simply describe it with words πŸ˜‰ but the black – orange color mix is awesome!

  10. I extremely digs the ‘Pull-out, Active Noise-Cancelling Microphone System’ feature as it is very suitable for me for gaming. When I have a gaming sessions with friends, we will usually shout and have a fuss. With this feature I can concentrate on the in-game sound without allowing the shouts to interrupt me. It can also prevent additional background voices when I am skyping/video chatting with all my friends/watching dota 2 tournament matches/listening musics! This is definitely the best headset in town and I would want to win! Furryfish and steelseries please pick me πŸ˜€

  11. I like this headset because of the audio sound it gives, also gives a good and suitable place for your head hehe, it lights a bright orange illuminate colour and gives great standared comfort for the sort of headseat

  12. I have been using SteelSeries product since 2012. Taken from my experience, the ability of SteelSeries which able to mix the great design and audio quality of the PC products with feature specific to the new devices. Now, with this new version of the Siberia V2 headset, I can finally use it with my PS3 and use it to play some of my games! it would be awesome!!!

    Lightweight headband suspension for maximum comfort during long sessions.”

    My friend confirms this, he has many headsets and chose this over the others because of comfort. I wish I have one of these. It is always the comfort that let you stay with a specific headset (atleast for me and my friends, performance is second).

  14. The thing that attracts me the most is definitely it’s signature retractable microphone. It has so many features ranging from noise cancelling to improving sound quality and clearing up excess background noise. These features are not shared in the regular models of the Sibera V2. If you ask me, I would certainly enjoy owning such a wonderful headset.

  15. What do I like best about this headset? Hmm. What is there not to like?! Hmm my favourite feature would be the colour of the headset! How it sticks with being boring yet striking at the same time. Something about the colour combination and that orange earcups really works. However, the noise cancellation mic is an added bonus too! No more complaints during skype about my always noisy family! πŸ˜€ Heheh

  16. There’s a Pull-out, Active Noise-Canceling Microphone System which is really beneficial for me as my fan is always blowing towards my microphone direction as well as I always sing during skype while playing dota with my friends. Hence, if the microphone detects that my singing voice is kind of noise pollution, it will cancel(?) away my voice.

  17. The orange lights on the Steelseries Siberia V2 Heat Orange edition will look really good and spice up my gaming experience as my keyboard and mouse have no lights and look really boring.

  18. The looks because it looks awesome with black and orange.

  19. This is an edited post.
    I like this headset because it has been out for many years when it was called Siberia. It have been improved over years to become what it is, the Siberia v2 Heat orange. This was designed with the same concept as Frost Blue which i loved a lot because of the pulsating light. But I didn’t like the white colour as it could get dirty easily. With the black and orange theme, I just can’t help but to love it!

  20. The feature of this headset that I like best is definitely the beast 50mm drivers that are built into the Siberia V2! The quality of sound, coupled with the integrated USB soundcard, is absolutely perfect. Coupled with the amazing sound, the heat orange color makes it look pretty darn sexy, too!

  21. The greatest feature of this headset as compared to the other ones in the market is undoubtedly the pulsating heat orange illumination that gives this headset the amazing aesthetics it has, which is hard to find on other headsets in the market. Not to mention that it combos perfectly well with the similar themed heat orange sensei raw. Giving gamers “style” to their peripherals.

  22. Never tried a Steelseries headset before as i am a big fan of razer, but i feel that this headset definitely looks great, like the bright looking colours and the mic that is retractable yet it is usb, definitely all-in-one and better than the razer headset i am using now.

  23. The audio quality is on par with that of angel’s voices to my ears. The ear cushions are custom shaped squishy marshmallows cuddling against my head when I put them on. These are orange, and my favorite fruit.. is the orange. Coincidence? I think not. These babies are destined to be with me.

  24. to be Honest, i just love how it glows RED ORANGE!, which matches my gaming setup, Hope i win πŸ˜€

  25. The feature I love the most is obviously the Heat Orange Illumination and the noise cancelling microphone. With the noise cancelling microphone feature I can easily talk to my team mates of our strategies and not to forget the ‘HEAT’ that i gain from the Heat Orange Illumination that gives me the confidence to ‘MELT’ my enemies( If you know what i mean >:) ) .

  26. I like every part of its feature, this headset can fit any head size due to its design and well made.
    The most feature i like the most is the incredible soundscape via 50mm driver units in a lightweight design. So far this is the best headset gaming I have ever seen.

  27. Definitely the LED lights, it makes the headset stand out. Unlike many different headsets, these are really comfortable, and can fit any head sizes.

  28. Well this will be my first steelseries headset to own and i would love it because its so big and i have big ears:P And everything else about it is sweet i mean its Steelseries!!

  29. I tried my friend’s Siberia v2, and it was by far the most comfortable headset I had ever worn. The band made it very easy to adjust, but I really loved the retractable microphone. It was easy to put away and move around so I could have freedom, as opposed to a fixed microphone. But one of the coolest features was the pulsate function, which I thought was very unique to headsets and just gave it that extra appeal. Not to mention the overall design is one of the coolest out there

  30. Steelseries are making real cool headsets day by day,but i never feel any difference in all headsets. Each and every headset is good,but in V2 heat edition The ear cups, while large, don’t feel quite as huge and bulky as others. Most importantly, considering the appearance, the Siberia v2 feels amazingly light. As in, I can wear it for hours at a time whether I’m working, listening to music, or gaming. I feel no pressure, stiffness, or needing to take it off so my poor head isn’t hurting in some way. This is one of the main feature in heat edition that i like.Why means people don’t like to feel any pressure on their ears its their in every steelseries headset honestly but not in V2 heat edition .Thank you! ! !

  31. i don’t like it , I LOVE IT !!!
    the orange illumination makes it unique , especially i love the color orange .. when i won this event , i want to wear this all the time so that i can feel like I’m with tammy all the time ..
    orange illumination #nuffsaid

  32. i want this headset simply because it’s good.

  33. tis type of steelseries headset is great because it can let us extremely comfort while using it and it hav good frequency response 18-28000hz…and it look like cool πŸ™‚

  34. The things I like about this headphone? What’s there not to like about it?

    The awesome orange illumination just makes the whole thing sparkle for me who adores orange, and the large earcups means that my large ears won’t have to suffer with those small earcups headset anymore. And that USB soundcard is so damn awesome and useful! Why buy a separate sound card and better speakers when the headset is the combination of both in one! That has got to be my most favourite feature about the headset!

    Did I mention about the how much I like the retractable noise cancelling mic as well? I mean, move aside old headsets with pointy and out of place mics, the retractable mic makes the headset look so much neater and nicer.

  35. Steelseries siberia v2 is a very comfortable headset to be wearing through the long hours as the headset was very nicely built and has very good sounds system

  36. The Style of this headset look totally “SICK” ! Everything on this headset are perfect, the colour , the spec and the quality. Why? I’m pretty sure all the best gaming player will have 1 of them =P

  37. Active Noise-Canceling Microphone System, Nuff Said. As any unwanted noise is totally distracting in a team chat while gaming.

  38. 4 Simple Reason of getting that headset

    1.Active Noise-Canceling Microphone System -easier to communicate with team via skype etc.Command will be crystal clear so every strategies can be implement well.
    2.Heat Orange illumination -Enhance the gear epic outlook and personally like orange and black colour combo.
    3.Comfortable earcups -VERY important due to past experience.If the gear earcups is not comfortable then wont be wearing it for a long time and all the feature above will be kinda useless
    4.It because it’s a steelseries product which i prefer to get my hands on and what the point of having a gaming gear to game? WINNING IS EVERYTHING

  39. I like this product of Steelseries because I know that Steelseries products are the best. They make the most quality outputs and designed them carefully for our pleasure. The best feature for this product is the headset itself. It is a good combination of AMAZING and FANTASTIC. I’m pretty confident that this headphones will give gamers a good combination of creativity and gamer-ology.

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