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On July 29th 2015, Microsoft Corp launched Windows 10 as a free upgrade to over 190 countries. I was lucky enough to be a part of the launch event in Singapore. (I got it earlier to test!)

After key takeaways from Andrew Pickup (Senior Director, Communications, Microsoft Asia Pacific), Jessica Tan (Managing Director Microsoft Singapore) and Guenter Weimer (General Manager, Windows & Surface, Microsoft Asia Pacific) came the demo sessions that I, Jianhao Tan (YouTube sensation), Irfan and Ikhsan Fandi Ahmad ( Sons of football legend Fandi Ahmad) headed.

(picture provided by Microsoft)

We were each tasked with sharing our wonderful experiences with the new OS upgrade in different scenarios. JianHao shared the work environment,

Irfan and Ikhsan shared the school environment


(picture provided by Microsoft)

and I shared the best scenario in my opinion, the home environment.


Fans were also treated to performances by local celebrity rapper Shigga Shay and local female DJ, Nicole Chen.


Top 3 Features for a gamer:


The name of the function is definitive to how easy it is to use. I can open up to four windows concurrently on the same screen which makes multi-tasking a breeze. Now, I can watch game streams, chat with friends on skype and look at my facebook newsfeed in one screen.


Windows Hello: Biometric Scan (Facial Recognition login)

Over the years, I’ve accumulated many valuable in game items, and keeping them secure is important to me. I’ve also had my Facebook status hijacked by cheeky colleagues and friends, which has even led to my account being banned! So I was greatly impressed by the facial recognition login matrix as there is nothing more secure than having my face as the login process.

(picture provided by Microsoft)

Microsoft Edge

The new browser by Microsoft comes with the upgrade to Windows 10. Proclaimed to be the fastest browser out there, it has also cool functions that enables one to write and draw on web pages and share the content with ease.

Screenshot (4)

One for the future:

You know how your mom always wants to watch her Taiwanese drama when you want to play your favourite console title and you have no choice but to give way?
Those days will be over soon, as you will be able to stream Xbox Live titles onto any device using Windows 10. This really got me really excited!

Here I am streaming Forza Motorsport onto my Microsoft Surface.


And this is a picture showing the Microsoft Surface mirroring what’s on the TV! The TV can be switched to another input and you can still play your game on the Surface.

Overall, Windows 10 is an awesome upgrade with too many cool features to list and as Guenter Weimer said “The best Windows ever is also the most familiar”, it has a nostalgic feel enhanced with the best from Windows 7 and 8 with the return of the start menu and the integration of the Live Tiles. Most notably, Windows 10 is now delivered as a service meaning it will always have free updates to enhance the already impressive features.

Coral and I peeking at the live tiles on the Windows 10 Start Menu



Don’t you think it’s time to #UpgradeYourWorld with Windows 10 now?



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