[Travel] Quezon City – NCCL, PGF – 10-13 May 2013

It was our first visit to the city and we arrived very early in the morning…
The Terminal 1 is confusing in that, the public isn’t allowed into the building at all, and the arrival reception is outside the terminal, across 2 streets. So it took us a while to get there. Or maybe it was just that particular terminal.
When we finally met up with the RGN representative, we had an incident free trip to our hotel – Eurotel, which is conveniently right opposite the SM Mall.

This trip marked the first time meeting Tarn aka GREENBEAN*. That’s her on the left, and pinkle* on the right. They’re our Thai teammates and we’ve been playing with them regularly online. We’ve known pinkle* for quite a few years, but we don’t see each other very often.  So it was great to finally meet up IRL!

Our first meal was at Jollibee, the famous fast food chain. This is apparently one of the dishes they are famous for… pasta and fried chicken.

The trip also marked huayan’s return to the active roster. That’s her on the left!

The showmatch game took pretty long to start… I suspect its partly my fault for messing with the com -.-
DotA 2 was taking very long to update, and I was meddling with wtfast… when… the whole com rolled back. We spent the time being interviewed by the Emcee with the crowd looking on.

One of the messages on my steam friends list! Much loveeeee =D

And this was our first draft… (ours on the right)

After our day’s duties, which included a meet and greet session with the fans, we had an really nice dinner! I loved the adobo squid (on top of the grilled seafood and meat platter).
Best thing was, it was a treat from our lovely NCCL host!

If you’re interested in looking at the photos from the meet and greet session… GO TO THIS LINK!
There’s over 500 photos of the final day of NCCL there for you to see. Here’s an example!

And that more or less concludes our Day 1.


Day 2 – PGF and it’s the start of our matches.
I remember waiting around, watching lots of games… not just DotA2 but StarCraft 2 and Crossfire too.
Tried more food from Adobo House and Mang Inasal (hope I got all the spelling right) and I decided that the longanisa from Adobo House and the bbq chicken from Mang Inasal are my favourite foods. =p
Our group had Orange, Gangsters and Mineski. Didn’t win, but I hope and think we put up an ok fight. Except against Orange I guess… But seeing as they are a TI team… I don’t feel THAT bad.

Some random photos from PGF now!

me and my gamer tag!
the PGF stage
stuck my SteelSeries Flux in ear pros into my ears cos the stage was SO VERY LOUD. used them as ear plugs!
our new gear bags!!
Eliza and I. watching SC2 i think.
PKing Orange………
Stage match against Gangsters
game against Mineski
Adobo House! was so hungry I forgot to take a pic until i almost finished… There’s always lots of rice… it’s almost always free flow!

The trip was great… the fans were totally overwhelming us with numerous requests for photos. I was quite touched to realise that we had so many fans there.
The games were shaky… that comes with having a changing roster and well… we’re getting back on our feet!
I’ve tasted better food, but well, it’s a shopping mall, so I guess if I want the real local food, I need to travel somewhere to get a good taste.
Would I go back for NCCL or PGF? DEFINITELY.

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