the sudden sPike

so this 2899 (and counting) page view spike comes in the wake of an article on Yahoo!.

Even HWZ has picked up on our news – I just posted a thank you note there. my Maiden Post at that!

I’m finding this particularly interesting because all along, we’ve received more support and more coverage in other parts of SEA, EU, and to some extent US. In fact, our clan originates from the US, and all the monetary/product support filters down to us from the land of the free.
I can’t ever say that we were supported in our home land… ever. In fact, I’d say we were attacked more than we were defended.
We’ve had plenty of chances to examine the gaming scene of our closest neighbour, Malaysia, which has a really vibrant community that supports their gamers wholeheartedly. It makes me jealous sometimes, that a team can be cheered on simply because they share the same nationality as their audience.
I’m past hoping that this will change, we’ll still be dissed, and I’ll still have fun reading and replying to comments about my team and I. hehheh.
Oh, I have to say that I love our supporters from the Philippines. They’re all so passionate and warm!

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  1. You go girls! Pls post up any plays locally if ever so we can go support you! Excellent!

  2. Asterisk* ROCKS.

  3. i need a like button for comments on blogger!

  4. Hi Tammy,

    Your team really cool considering that gaming community are mostly dominated by guys. You really rocks! Keep up the spirit!

    Allan from Philippines 🙂

  5. that was quick! sorry for wrong grammar hehehe

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