power struggles

Most of the time, it’s better to take the carrot approach, as opposed to the stick approach, even if you’re in the position to use the stick.
Recently, some people in my life have been insisting on certain things, and most of the time, I comply, not because I can’t say no, but because I’m trying to be gracious.
I wonder though, if people realise they are getting their way, not because they are right, or because I am weak, but because I’m being nice.
Speaking about being nice, I know that sometimes I’m a little short in my replies, especially to queries I get online – facebook pm, facebook wall, msn.
I do try to reply in as much detail as I can, most of the time, but it DOES get a little tiring to have to reply the same question a few times, and to reply questions which could very well have been answered by google.com.
I try, but I fail, especially when I’ve had a bad day, a busy day… which is almost every day.
Oh, and it does annoy me a little when people drop me another message a few hours after their first to say that they are still waiting for a reply. -.-
So, forgive me. I know it sucks to receive curt replies, or no reply at all, which I why I still strive to leave a few words to most of what I receive.
Try to think for me too ok!
I’m considering storing up all the queries I get, and just replying them once or twice a week. Idea?
Anyhow, we (we being eliza, huayan and myself) are on digital life today. Will post a pic of the article when I have it!