Random TI5 memory

At 2AM after TI5, in the lobby of the Westin in Seattle, Kuroky walks by as iceiceice, nutz, and I contemplate the future.

“Iceiceice. This guy would do all sorts of crazy shit in Dota 1. I remember you were playing Broodmother. Then you’d Eul’s the Razor up, and surround him.”

I’m like, WTF. This guy lives in another continent and he remembers plays from back in a time when replays were much less accessible, and he actually watches replays of teams he’ll probably never play against (that particular moment is from Asian DotA Championship, SG vs Thailand, around 2008).

Then he quotes another moment that I’m pretty sure happened, but happened so long ago (I believe 2007) that I don’t even remember it in detail.

And I’m thinking “WTF, this guy REALLY loves the game.” Which team was he in then… Team WE? (The German one)

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