The International… So Far.

I’m finally recovering from the 20+ hour flight, 2 days later.

day 0 can be read here :
and day 1 here :

as an unofficial add on to these 2 posts though, i’ve got a bunch of photos to share.

day 0, Living in Transit :

xy, being very tired at Dubai while waiting for our connecting flight to Seattle.
ice and i, on the way to the valve office
xy me and aloy trotting along
while waiting for the traffic light
the guys entering the Valve building
Group stages revealed!!
hy, spoilt for choice. valve is well prepared for a zombie apocalypse.
the simlarly well stocked ladies. never seen a larger bottle of listerine in my life.
photo wall of photos from valve’s filming, and The International 2
i found scythe!
the training room, with orange and EG.
a short video to show how the bootcamp room is like. i believe its where portal 2 was.

[ 02072010 6.29am | 12.29am in paris ]

been walking around paris for the past couple of days.
day 1 – arc de triomphe, champs elysees, eiffel tower
day 2 – louvre, engagement bridge, st michaels fountain, notre dame
day 3 – eswc!

day 1 was the most taxing, because we walked up the eiffel tower *pants*
i have realised that i’m really really unfit. i shall go running 3 times a week when i get back.
weather here is REALLY HOT. if not for the cool wind, i think i’d be sweating buckets.

day 2 was unbearably hot. stuck in the square at the louvre watching the guys take turns to take pics with a status was more than i could take. i ran into the museum for air-con before i could wind up in hospital for heat exhaustion.

at the end of these 2 days, i have concluded that i need a better pair of shoes – with good sole support.
thank goodness i didnt overestimate myself by wearing heels.
it would be quite fun to see Aeon carry me to the Metro. NOT.
so here are some of the funnier pics.

huayan might be giving a funny face… but shes not the funny one…
check out XY’s expression!!!
sitting at some random chair taking pics cos the lighting is great.
anyhow snap also turn out damn nice.
all i need is a prettier face.
hyhy tofy xy roy ice
huayan was mega excited to be at the louvre.
i took a picture of roy taking a picture of her and hyhy.
fail statues. or fail photos of some statues.
i was trying to take a pic of the guy’s face from below… from the perspective of the kid at his knee.
i didnt realise that he wasn’t very dressed..
so i accidentally upskirted him.
i shall ZI PAI!!!
statue giving me the third finger. @@;
and next follows a series of photos like this one here …
on egyptian hieroglyphics
on a sarcophagus
on a statue
on a mummy!
me squeezing a birdbird at notre dame!
haha… its a baby and already so fierce, trying to peck at me.
unintentionally photographed in the exact same position as this signboard…

for more pictures….
thats the fb link !