King of Games (DotA2) registration closes Thursday 27th June 2013 2359 +8GMT

Registration for King of Games – DotA2 is now open!
Dragon Nest and CSOnline will be kicking off in July, so if you’re interested in participating in those 2 games, keep your eyes open for the announcement to register. But in the meantime, create an account at

DotA2 Qualifiers Format
*5 Qualifiers will be held, once a month
*Maximum 32 teams each qualifier
*Single Elimination

How to qualify for the Grand Finals
For the full list of rules, please refer to this link
*Each team has to participate in at least 3 qualifiers. Points will be given based on the position that the team achieves in each of the qualifiers, the points will then be added up and the overall top 8 teams will qualify for the Grand Finals.
*Your team has to retain 4 of the original members who qualified If fewer than 4 of the original line up remain, the team is deemed to be a new team and must re-qualify (if they have previously done so).

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