What to gift when you’re giving

Foreword: I’m BACK! And since I’m posting absolutely nothing gaming-related, it’s walls of text from now on! No need to pander with pictures.


Craigslist, E-Bay, Amazon. There is a huge business in creating markets – a place where buyers can meet sellers. The point being, if you have something to give, SOMEONE WILL WANT IT. Unfortunately, the mapping only goes one way. If give something to someone, SOMETIMES HE DOESN’T WANT IT.

So here’s the key. Give something to someone which he wants, but doesn’t want enough to already have.

Here are a couple of reason why someone would want something but not already have it.

1. He’s a self-cheapskate. Self-cheapskates are pretty easy to get things for because they want a lot of things, but derive some sort of pleasure from denying themselves. You can recognize your local self-cheapskate as the guy who is willing to spend over $200 on dinner, but then the next day spends 10 minutes debating the merits of $2.10 vs $2.20 chicken rice. Not to be confused with the regular cheapskate, who doesn’t spend money on anyone but himself.

Chances are, your local self-cheapskate will have told you what he wants, but has yet to get it. This is because the self-cheapskate doesn’t just enjoy denying himself the things he wants – he enjoys sharing this joy with others as well!

2. It costs too much for what it brings. I’m not encouraging that you buy extraordinarily expensive gifts. Everyone wants a house (what with property prices nowadays, all around the world), but if you’re rich enough to give your friend a house…

More reasonably, this category is for useless things that look really cool. Such as hugeass swords. Everyone loves a hugeass sword, but few people can justify spending hundreds of dollars for something that just looks cool (albeit REALLY cool) and has no other practical value. Unless he already earns a crapton of money, in which case, get him to buy you a house.

3. Shame. Because people might like something, but not enough to admit they like it! This is like the time you bought your sister a vibrating cucumber. Because she really likes cucumbers and likes the extra kick.

4. Knowledge problem. Sometimes the only thing stopping someone from getting something is that they don’t know it exists. For example, the spork (it’s both a spoon and a fork, which is amazing).

5. Overcoming the barrier of ownership. Sometimes the main thing stopping someone from doing something is that they haven’t done it yet. Some things are incredibly difficult to push people out of their comfort zone from, e.g. buying a manly skirt for your brother, because THEY ARE SO INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE.


p.s. I do not have a sister, nor do I own a skirt. I am also quite the cheapskate.

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