The CPL Championship – DOTA 2 Edition : UPDATES


We are currently at 43/64 teams!
A few teams who have signed up have yet to make payment, and we’d like to encourage you to do so to secure your timeslot.
The Saturday 27th June 2015 12pm-5pm and 5pm-10pm timeslots in particular are very popular, and they are almost full.
Teams which sign up later will be allocated into timeslots which have space, regardless of the timeslots they prefer.

In light of some queries received, we have decided to offer teams a special on-site accommodation arrangement.
Teams who are interested in participating in The CPL Championship DOTA 2 Edition may top up a small fee to stay on-site at the event venue.
This is a great idea for overseas teams who are travelling on a budget, and teams who might wish to have a small training camp at LAN together.
This offer is only valid for members from teams who have signed up and paid for the registration fee.

A sleeping space costs SGD30 per person for 1 night, or SGD50 per person for 2 nights.
If you also require a LAN connection, power plug and sleeping bag in addition to the sleeping space, it’s SGD 119 per person for the whole event.
(The SGD 119 package is recommended for teams who might want to train together on site. However, do note that computers are only provided for the competition games, but you are welcome to bring your own computer/laptop for training.)

If you wish to take advantage of this package, please fill up the google document below!

Prizes : SGD3000 in cash, and additional products for the top 16 teams
Registration Fee : SGD25 per team
Timeslots :
Friday 26 June 2015 8pm-1am
Saturday 27 June 2015 1am-6am
Saturday 27 June 2015 12pm-5pm (Full)
Saturday 27 June 2015 5pm-10pm (Almost full)
Teams who wish to register may do so at this link
Rules and regulations are available at this link



[UPDATED 28/1/14 10:53PM] 1v1 Mini Compy at Alienware Arena [BRACKETS OUT!]

[EDIT: Added new people in because some have pulled out, in ORANGE.So, DO CHECK!!
Wait list added too!

Brackets here :


1v1, Mid Only Mini Compy

Sponsored by

29th January 2014, 9am reporting
do note that this is a WEDNESDAY!

Alienware Arena, Lucky Chinatown Level 3

1v1 competition
DK.iceiceice will be there to give pro-tips!
look out for a showmatch and mini workshop too!


1st – Alienware Headset, Keyboard and Mouse
2nd – Alienware Headset
3rd – Alienware Keyboard and Mouse

– Same hero, mid only, runes allowed
– NC not allowed
– BO3 :
game 1, player A chooses hero
game 2, player B chooses hero
game 3, coin toss, winner picks hero, loser picks side
– 3 kills or 2 towers to win, no item restriction
– Max signups 32 pax [EXPANDED TO 64!]

first 64 to register :

1 Nadz
2 fiery_bear
4 KoF
5 Kumaran Lechutmanan/ Maranboi_x3
6 Midas
7 ray
8 Arts#k-d-c
9 Weihan
10 Koh Kheng Huat
11 Yuxian
12 Jonathan / afroman
13 Sgmanly
14 Hooray
15 Abel Quek
16 Dian
17 ChinXiang
18 m
19 derrick
20 JJ
21 Shadow J
22 Stuart Law
23 Nova alien
24 MookMook
25 Kai
26 zhenwei lee
27 Yk
28 MewThreee
29 glow
30 Blysk
31 Nevermore*
33 Yekke
34 Ks
35 shihao
36 jerms
37 Nitrogen
38 Mtjw
39 Darren/Red Polar Bear
40 Jake / S.6661
41 Nutz
42 Kenrick
43 Hipster-
44 Bryan/Gayboy
46 Tay Bin
47 Rookie2171
48 nigel
49 zach
50 Jerome
51 Impulse| Vincere
52 Weiw
53 Hong
54 KC
55 1997
56 123456
57 Joshua Chong
58 Bernard Kang
59 Kai Jie
60 gabN
61 Jerom Lim
62 Benjamin
63 Jun Xian
64 pudgilicious

Wait list


Digital Life King of Games – DotA2 Qualifier 2 (20th July 2013)

Whilst many of you were probably snoozing in bed on Saturday morning, a bunch of teams turned up for the Digital Life King of Games Qualifier for DotA2 at the Alienware Arena.

For those who don’t know, there will be 5 qualifiers, and 8 teams will be chosen at the end of the qualifiers to attend the Grandfinals which will be held at License2Play (6-8 December 2013), based on a point system.

Each team has to take part in at least 3 qualifiers. If the team takes part in more than 3 qualifiers, only their best 3 positions will be counted. (eg, if Team A takes part in 4 qualifiers, and places 1st, 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, then their overall points will be based on their 1st, 2nd, 2nd finishes.)
The points will be tabulated, and the top 8 teams will playoff at License2Play for a prize pool of SGD$15,000 Cash. (Prize breakdown : 8,000/5,000/2,000)

Currently, ICE PRO IS BACK (aka Fallen Ones – which is their in game team name) is leading the table with 2 1st place wins. The team consists of a mix of Team Zenith members and Flash/iSg members.

Here are some pictures of the event on Saturday!


Matches underway! I think this is MICHELLE vs genuiz





Preparing for the stage match.




Fengyun + 3






CloudJack, the caster of the day. His mic set up is so funky!


Different angle of the arena and the participants.



Stage match! This is ICE PRO IS BACK, also known as FallenOnes (their in game team name)




Close up shot of chibix3, xfreedom and iceiceice



iceiceice taking a nap under the stage com table. He even brought his own pillow…




I received some snacks from pinkle* through Michael !




Spectators watching the finals.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe 1st and 2nd team, posing for a shot for Digital Life.


Do drop by to find out when the subsequent qualifiers open for registration!


King of Games (DotA2) registration closes Thursday 27th June 2013 2359 +8GMT

Registration for King of Games – DotA2 is now open!
Dragon Nest and CSOnline will be kicking off in July, so if you’re interested in participating in those 2 games, keep your eyes open for the announcement to register. But in the meantime, create an account at

DotA2 Qualifiers Format
*5 Qualifiers will be held, once a month
*Maximum 32 teams each qualifier
*Single Elimination

How to qualify for the Grand Finals
For the full list of rules, please refer to this link
*Each team has to participate in at least 3 qualifiers. Points will be given based on the position that the team achieves in each of the qualifiers, the points will then be added up and the overall top 8 teams will qualify for the Grand Finals.
*Your team has to retain 4 of the original members who qualified If fewer than 4 of the original line up remain, the team is deemed to be a new team and must re-qualify (if they have previously done so).

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