It’s ALIVE!!

I know I’ve been silent for quite a few months, my server got hacked and then I got tied up in organising GoodGame 2014 Convention.

So now that I’ve gotten a more secure server, and I’ve also finished with GG2014, I’ve had time to revive the blog.

To be honest, I’m not sure where this blog is going. I have too many interests and I can’t focus on just one topic to attract that one bunch of readers. So… I’m just going to fine tune my layout, look for some nice graphics, and revive, which also got hacked, since they were on the same server.

Meanwhile, I’m still running giveaways and updating my facebook page regularly, thank goodness for social media or I’d be totally radio silent these past 5 months.

So… cheerios, and check back soon for updates! (Not sure what category of updates they will be though!)

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