4 Reasons Why A Dating Couple Should Take Public Transport

Because I’m female, I’m obviously writing from my perspective. Pretty sure some point are relevant to guys too, but what would I know!
Decided to write one of those cheesy X Reasons Why articles cos I’ve been seeing a lot of them linked around here and there, and some of them are funny, but some of them are quite meh…
So, just trying my hand here, let me know if you like it!

It shows you how much effort you’re worth.
Not saying that driving a car doesn’t take any effort, just that if your bf picks you up from work daily, and he has to travel there by public transport, it says a lot about the effort he’s willing to put in for you. Or if he sends you home after a date, by train, then takes a bus home, it definitely takes a lot more out of him than dropping you off on the way would.
Conversely, if he complains about how far it is, and how long it takes, you’ll know how much effort he’s (not) willing to put in.
Of course there are exceptions, like if he works really long hours, or if the distance is really far. But I’ll leave you to figure those out yourself. Ultimately, you’ll be able to gauge how much of his convenience he’s willing to give up for your comfort and happiness.

It gives you time to bond, and learn more about each other.
Share a set of headphones and get talking about the music you enjoy.
Exchange latest reads on your kindle.
Talk about the latest gossip on facebook and figure out your respective stand on things.
It just gives (or forces?) you an extra hour or so of time to spend 100% on each other.

There are fewer distractions.
No one has to concentrate on making sure he doesn’t kiss someone’s bumper, and no one has to look out for the correct exit, or plan the route, or examine the GPS.
Also, no one has to worry about how much the parking is going to cost, or if the summon aunty has come round yet.
If it gets too late for bus and train, just hail a cab.
It’s just time, at your disposal, as you two travel from A to B.

You get to see how he interacts with strangers.
Does he keep an eye out for elderly passengers and automatically give up his seat for them?
Does he notice that you’re in an uncomfortable position (squashed between a large lady and a huge man perhaps) and make efforts to shield you from them?
Does he get annoyed with that baby bawling in the corner?
When someone accidentally treads on his shoes, what is his reaction?
Ultimately, it’s about how he treats other people, it shows you what kind of person he is.

So put your smartphones aside (unless you’re listening to music together!), and be prepared to fully utilise your journey-time with conversation and observation!

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