[UPDATED 28/1/14 10:53PM] 1v1 Mini Compy at Alienware Arena [BRACKETS OUT!]

[EDIT: Added new people in because some have pulled out, in ORANGE.So, DO CHECK!!
Wait list added too!

Brackets here : http://binarybeast.com/xDOTA21401282


1v1, Mid Only Mini Compy

Sponsored by

29th January 2014, 9am reporting
do note that this is a WEDNESDAY!

Alienware Arena, Lucky Chinatown Level 3

1v1 competition
DK.iceiceice will be there to give pro-tips!
look out for a showmatch and mini workshop too!


1st – Alienware Headset, Keyboard and Mouse
2nd – Alienware Headset
3rd – Alienware Keyboard and Mouse

– Same hero, mid only, runes allowed
– NC not allowed
– BO3 :
game 1, player A chooses hero
game 2, player B chooses hero
game 3, coin toss, winner picks hero, loser picks side
– 3 kills or 2 towers to win, no item restriction
– Max signups 32 pax [EXPANDED TO 64!]

first 64 to register :

1 Nadz
2 fiery_bear
3Β xZ.Totoro
4 KoF
5 Kumaran Lechutmanan/ Maranboi_x3
6 Midas
7 ray
8 Arts#k-d-c
9 Weihan
10 Koh Kheng Huat
11 Yuxian
12 Jonathan / afroman
13 Sgmanly
14 Hooray
15 Abel Quek
16 Dian
17 ChinXiang
18 m
19 derrick
20 JJ
21 Shadow J
22 Stuart Law
23 Nova alien
24 MookMook
25 Kai
26 zhenwei lee
27 Yk
28 MewThreee
29 glow
30 Blysk
31 Nevermore*
33 Yekke
34 Ks
35 shihao
36 jerms
37 Nitrogen
38 Mtjw
39 Darren/Red Polar Bear
40 Jake / S.6661
41 Nutz
42 Kenrick
43 Hipster-
44 Bryan/Gayboy
46 Tay Bin
47 Rookie2171
48 nigel
49 zach
50 Jerome
51 Impulse| Vincere
52 Weiw
53 Hong
54 KC
55 1997
56 123456
57 Joshua Chong
58 Bernard Kang
59 Kai Jie
60 gabN
61 Jerom Lim
62 Benjamin
63 Jun Xian
64 pudgilicious

Wait list


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  1. wew I signed up straight away without even thinking.. am I able to unsign? cuz I think I have schedule.. 50/50 chance of coming there.. if Im able to come there I think it would be better if I just pop by rather than do the mini compy to avoid hassle since.. well 50/50 chance of coming.

  2. Do we have to fill up the form if we’re just heading to watch?

  3. Hi does the first game start at 9 or do i reach there by 9?

    • reach by 9 to report! then warm up and your first game will start when your opponent and you are ready, or by 930am, whichever is earlier.

  4. Frederick Benjamin

    Sorry about that, didn’t see that this event was taking place on a Thursday, and I wish to withdraw. Apologies for the inconvenience!

    • hey, before i put in a replacement, its on WEDNESDAY. can you make it? do reply by 24th 2359, or i’ll just go ahead and put in someone else!

  5. Sorry i wont be able to attend due to a sudden event sry 41) delwintay

  6. I need to withdraw, just realized that I have a test on that day

  7. i signed up but is it a 1 day thing ? because 64 people seems abit too much

  8. Malaysian can join?

  9. sorry it was a false alarm! I can now confirm that I dont have any schedule.. so no need to unsign~ πŸ™‚

  10. will you be there, furryfish ? is it possible to take picture with you and iceiceice ? :p

  11. No info about number of kills or towers to win? No ban soulring or other items?

  12. Hi, Pls remove my name from the list.
    Name – Leo

    Reason – Fail to get leave to join this event .
    Very Sorry, Please give my slot to the next waiting list person

  13. Is Meepo for Mid Only viable? Is there a hero restriction that I can’t play?

  14. Hi. im S.6661 i was wondering why am i orange. i never withdraw from this

  15. Hi, in-case if i cant attend the event that day , can i pass my slot to a specific person but not the waiting list ?

  16. withdrawing from event. – lurnie

  17. withdrawing from event cmi – matchbox

  18. Hi sorry, I would like to pull out from the mini compy, just wanna drop by to see the compy. Sorry >_<

  19. I would like to withdraw from the compy, just wanna head down to view the compy, instead of playing in it, sorry ><

  20. Btw, the name is FrostXan, sorry

  21. Hi, sorry
    i want give up my slot to other people because i unable participate this event at 29.01.2014.

  22. sorry, pls withdraw #45 razey

  23. Hi, sorry i can’t make it on that day… had a last minute thing come by
    pls give up my slot
    user F3lfeniX

  24. Soory for last minute withdrawal. #9 elwin

  25. Sorry for last min withdrawl #41

  26. Sorry something cropped up at work cannot make it. number 58

  27. where do we sign our attendance if we are playing

  28. Name hipster unable to attend

  29. Fish. Xz.totoro and fiery_bear is the same user. Please remove 1 to have slot for 1 more player

  30. Where is lucky chinatown? How to go

  31. thanks Tammy for the photos! sorry bout the dead battery and had to use your camera! πŸ™‚

  32. I thought ks won the competition instead of Zach?

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